It was raining heavily.

Each droplet touched the ground

like it slid through her cheeks.

The storm inside her heart

burst out as cries that no one heard

Left alone in the middle of the night,

she fought with her fears.

Later nature witnessed the birth of a new being.

Out of insecurity she found herself

to be the safest place.

short story


Midnight chimes of wall clock attracted her eyes, and there she was pacing her room. She was disturbed. She could feel a sense of touch on her.

Nothing she found in her room, other than Spike’s barks at window. He was staring at it. What was it? She gotta look. To her amaze a pair of silver hands that shines in all its glory is revealed to her. As it came near it became clear and real. Feeling of mystery made her beautiful blue eyes go wide; she was saying ‘WOW’. That exceptional magical moment made her and Spike perplexed. Spike became numb. Disappeared in seconds, she and Spike, dream or reality. Shining moon didn’t care, stars didn’t bother to look. At least Spike was with her, to care.